Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taiwan | Gastronomic Heaven

If I am to be asked about my favourite in Taiwan, I'd have to say it is enjoying the gastronomic feasts. From the food being sold down the streets and in the night markets, to the hot pots served in a cozy place to the weird and outrageous edible servings you could imagine. It's the small eats and the piping hot dishes that I've come to love, a motley of culinary influences.

Night Market in Taoyuan

Just looking at the photos makes me drool and want to visit Taiwan again. Or maybe, I'll head off to a nearest restaurant to get my Taiwan cuisine fix.

Consider yourself warned. You might go hungry with all the food posts in this entry.

At the Marketplace

Street Food, Fruits and Night Markets

Another thing that I love when eating fruits in Taiwan
is their fruit powder dip.

This has got to be my favourite.
Pork and vegetables in a flavourful broth inside a pan-fried bun.

Follow that Stench

They say that a trip to Taiwan won't be complete without trying the stinky tofu. So my brother and I dared ourselves to have a bite. With the pervading stench, it's easy to find the stall selling this dish. So my brother haggled if we could just have half of the serving. Finally, after much persuasion, the vendor relented. And my, it really does have that foul smell and we tried our mighty best to consume the stinky tofu.

Warm and Chill

Bowl of warm beancurd

Ordering some milk tea

Helpings of shaved ice

From Food Trucks to Food Courts

How to order: Just point at the food dummies.
A big help when your Mandarin is nil.

Inside a mall's food court
Their sizzling plates are no different from the ones we have in the country.

Hot pots and Family-style Dining

Each hot pot is about NT $100.00. But it can already feed two persons.
We had fish and meat hot pots.

The way to order food in Taiwan

Loved the spicy sweet dishes

Pasalubong food items at the 99 restaurant

We wanted to have some congee and
stopped by this place near our hotel.

At a restaurant near Yehliu Park

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