Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taiwan at Random

Here are some random shots during our weekend trip in Taiwan:

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Prayer rooms at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Folk Arts Plaza at the Airport.

Pre-Departure Lounge of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Vertical garden at the airport
Hello Kitty making her presence felt at the airport.

Here's how to make an appointment with a barber and get a haircut in Taiwan. Insert a note into the vending machine and then take that small piece of paper churned out by the machine. That contains your number. Wait (outside the shop) for your number to be flashed on the screen. 

In ten minutes, you'll get your 'do done. Surprisingly, they use this PVC hose as blowdryer.

We attended Sunday mass at the Sacred Hearts of Mary and Jesus Church in Taouyuan. And it's no surprise, there were many Filipinos who showed up for the mass.

Filipino stores on a street near the church.

Food vendors outside the church.

How some locals spend their afternoons.

Taiwan is also a shopping mecca.
One mode of transportation in Taiwan is to ride the scooter.

The busy metropolis

From dusk and into the night.


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