Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taiwan | The Gold Rush in Jinguashi

If California had its gold rush, Taiwan isn't far behind. Jinguashi, an area near Jiufen, was once a gold and copper mining place. 

We went to the Gold Ecological Park. 

You wouldn't get lost.

Entrance to the Gold Ecological Park

Playing beautiful music using a saw.

Our first stop was to see the Japanese-style residences in Jinguashi.

Then we had to make our way to the Gold Museum. Good thing there were paved walkways which made the trek easier.

Saw this art installations made out of junk on our way to the mining area.

We arrived at the Benshan Fifth Tunnel. After paying the entrance fee, we were handed with disposal skullcap and a hard hat. Soon, we entered the tunnel and it was cold as we navigated our way inside. The dioramas on the side helped us better understand the travails in the life of a miner.

Then, what is a visit to the Gold Ecological Park without having that Midas touch at the Gold Museum?

Midas touch


Tower of Infinity

And to complete the Jinguashi experience, it was so beautiful to see the resplendent Golden Waterfalls glistening under the afternoon sun.

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