Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Saigon Diaries - Night of Pho and Market

Night fell as we entered Ho Chi Minh. And as expected, the city was in a rhythmic chaos during rush hour with scooters, cars and buses just making their presence felt everywhere, inching their way in major thoroughfares.

We asked our guide to drop us at a spot close to the Ben Thanh Market. From there, we searched for the restaurant Pho 2000. Apart from serving pho and other Vietnamese dishes, this place also gained popularity after President Bill Clinton dined in their restaurant. We chose the branch close to the night market (there is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop on the ground floor).

Pho 2000's crew

Framed photo of President Bill Clinton

Lovely street scenes painted on the walls of the restaurant.

This isn't free. 

Here are some of the dishes we ordered. Food was good but not enough to blow you away. 

Pho bo

Roasted chicken with rice and vegetables

Beef ragout

Sauteed beef with vegetables

Beneath Pho 2000 is a branch of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and I love this splash of colours on their wall.

After our dinner, we walked towards the Ben Thanh Market. From keychains and ref magnets to shirts and shoes and of course, coffee. You'd find it all here in the night market. Sharpened haggling skills are must when in the market. And since the place gets so busy, you must also be on the lookout for pickpockets in the crowded place. The first warning that we received as soon as we stepped on Vietnam soil

I didn't know that Adventures of Tin Tin was so big in Vietnam
(especially of these shirts sold in the market).

For the coffee lovers.

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