Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cool Yule Around Europe

Belen, parol, kids caroling, Christmas songs blasting as early as September, simbang gabi, noche buena and the list goes on for the things that would remind us of the Pinoy Christmas season. Then we think of the dreamy, white Christmases we read in books or see on the tube or big screens. Thankfully, I had the opportunity of celebrating two Yuletide seasons outside our tropical archipelago. But even across the globe, there were still touches of the Filipino Christmas spirit.

Vatican City: December 2005

A couple of days before Christmas, we were at the St. Peter’s Square which was filled with tourists as well as the faithfuls. It was being prepared in time for the Mass to be officiated by the Pope.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rolling Ball, a Cushioned Tambiolo

I finally got to try the Rolling Ball a couple of weekends ago in Minglanilla, Cebu. Unlike the Zorb Ball in Davao which goes down a big mound of earth, the inflated ball at the Tubod Flowing Waters Resort rolls down a lane built inside a warehouse-type structure.

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