Thursday, May 22, 2014

Taiwan | Night Market in Taoyuan

One of the must-do when in Taiwan is to visit a night market. From the clusters of entrepreneurs selling their wares on the streets, night markets have evolved and are now tourist destinations. The more popular ones are found in Taipei. Since we were based in Taoyuan, we visited one night market in that city.

The night market here is no different from the ones we find in Hongkong  or Bangkok or even in the Philippines. The one we visited in Taoyuan reminded me of Carriedo at night and the night market in Cagayan de Oro. They sell almost everything from clothing articles, accessories and toys to herbal concoctions and food. Small tables are set up next to the food cart/stalls. There are even stalls where one can play pinball and other games usually played in carnivals or arcades. Trying the different food items and dishes from various stalls would make for one complete meal. To know more about the small eats in the night markets of Taiwan, click on this link.

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