Saturday, March 5, 2016

Let's Explore Dumalag

Dumalag is a fourth class municipality in the province of Capiz. It surely doesn't rank high in the must-visit places for tourists. If I didn't have a friend who has now made this place her home, I wouldn't have discovered the beauty of this laidback town.

If you're coming from Iloilo, the option is to take the Roxas City-bound bus and tell the conductor or driver that you are to get off at the Tinaytayan Crossing. An indication that you are almost near is when you pass by Passi Terminal which is approximately thirty minutes to the crossing. As you get off, there will be tricycles and motorcycles that will take you to Dumalag.

Tricycles in Dumalag with an overturned boat-shaped cover.

Dumalag is a place where almost everyone knows everybody. Being in Dumalag will remind the promdi-turned-urbanite of growing up years and idyllic life in the province. For those who have breathed the city life ever since they were born, Dumalag is a welcome respite. True, there are no clubs or malls but you've got the parks, the mountains, lots of open space, and the kindness of the locals. So here are some the sites to see and things to do while in Dumalag.

1. Visit the San Martin de Porres Church.

This is the second church I've seen
with the Philippine flag somewhere near the altar.

Offertory baskets

2. Spend your mornings or afternoons at the plaza, just a stone's throw away from the church.

3. Have a bowl of batchoy paired with bread at an eatery in Tabok which is at the opposite end of the bridge from the town's center.

4. Explore Lahab Cave.

I asked our host as well as our guide what Lahab means but none of them can provide an answer. We started our day early. We took a tricycle and stopped at a spot where the only trail was a foot path and Mt. Panginraon can be seen in the distance.

After a fifteen-minute walk, we finally reached the mouth of the cave and explored the cave for two and a half hours, navigating the tunnels of stalactites and stalagmites, crossing a pool of cold water and crawling our way in the dark.

5. Have a picnic at the Suhot Spring and take a dip in the pool of spring water.

We had to say hello to these carabaos, pass by a farm, and walk on a bamboo bridge in order to get to the Suhot Spring from the Lahab Cave.

Thank you to the CastaƱo family for being such gracious hosts whenever I am in Dumalag.

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