Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beautiful Brugge

Some say this place is over-rated; others say it's a tourist trap. But I just find Brugge beautiful and picturesque. I am simply drawn to its old world charm.

The center of Brugge is quite a long walk from the train station. But thanks to the canopy of trees and the colourful flowers along the way, the long stretch was bearable.

The center of Brugge

The belfry in Brugge

An exhibit was going on at the hall next to the belfry. Of the works featured, I like that of Johnny Werkbrouck and Distel.

Window shop display.

While I was walking down the cobbled pavement, gawking at the beautiful shop displays, one caught my attention with its word play.

I was standing in the middle of this square when suddenly came a heavy downpour coupled with strong winds. It was comparable to a typhoon signal number one or two in the Philippines. I immediately sought refuge at the Blinde-Ezelstraat. But the Blind Alley didn't keep me dry and warm.  

 So I scanned the area looking for a building where I could take shelter. And voila, I saw an opened doorway, dashed for it and later found myself in a room filled with an exhibit of geeky stuff and some paintings. Perfect getaway from the heavy rains and strong winds outside.

Other pretty sights in Brugge.

So yes, going to Brugge is definitely worth it. I wasn't able to explore the whole of the city but should you ever find yourself in Brugge, I hope that you will be charmed, too.

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