Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Waffles and Chocolate in Brugge

As I was navigating my way back to the train station, I found myself again in a heavy downpour that I had to immediately take shelter. I hurried down the cobbled street looking for a dry spot until I saw a quaint shop offering a cup of hot chocolate. I got in and instead of having a take-away, I decided to stay inside the cafe to keep myself dry and wait for the rains to stop.

I was led to their cozy and homey parlor on the second floor. It had stained glass windows and framed pictures on the wall while the soft strains of music permeated the air.

I ordered for a cup of hot chocolate and waffles. Lo and behold, a humongous cup of hot chocolate was placed before me, more than enough to keep me warm on a very cold afternoon! The chocolate truffle that came with it was so rich that I thought I would have a migraine. The waffles dusted with sugar went perfectly with the hot chocolate. 

That afternoon was a bliss - having my me time, watching the raindrops forming on the stained window while sipping my cup of chocolate and enjoying every bite of the waffle.

On my way out, I bought some goodies from the shop below. It was only then that I realized that the cafe I was in was the famed Old Chocolate House with a certificate from Trip Advisor.

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