Thursday, April 17, 2014

Of Mussels, Potato Fries and Beer

A visit to Brussels won't be complete without indulging in their must-eat dish moules-frites which means mussels and fries.

Mr. Romy Gle took me to Chez Leon, a very popular place to have moules-frites, so popular that it was packed and we thought we'd never get a table. Luckily, we did.

I had moules à l'escargot which is basically mussels in butter, garlic and herbs. The dish came with a generous serving of fries, one of the yummiest I've had so far (the other is the In-N-Out fries). Paired it off with a glass of white wine. Romy, meanwhile, had steak for dinner.

The verdict: I am not really a big mussel-eater, especially after that red tide scare when I was a kid where we had to refrain from eating mussels. But this time, I did consume a lot. And it was really delicious. The mussels were fresh and I just love the play of flavours of the butter, garlic and herbs. 

And now the beer...

For beer drinkers out there who are followers of the horse and the saint, you'll be deliriously in heaven when you step inside the Delirium Cafe in Brussels. It has 2,004 beer brands in its list as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records. That's way too plenty for a beer belly to hold!

Both Chez Leon and Delirium Cafe are near the Grand Place. Delirium Cafe is just across Jeanneke Pis.

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