Saturday, February 22, 2014

Around Dresden

For a couple of days, we had the chance to see the city of Dresden in Germany. They say that Dresden can be likened to Manila during the World War II as the city was also bombed during the same period. So let me  show you around Dresden through these photos. 

Elbe River

Dresden Train Station and its surroundings

Getting around Dresden

We passed through this posh village in Dresden.

We visited this chocolate shop in Dresden.

F├╝rstenzug, a large mural of the procession of the rulers of Saxony done in Meissen porcelain tiles; Frauenkirche

The Royal Palace

The Parliament

With one of the Members of the Parliament

At the Stasi Office

The Stasi was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic.

An afternoon at the Altmarkt (Old Market)

An afternoon of beer, and it's not yet Oktoberfest.

Kids having a grand time at the Altmarkt.

Twisted potatoes

Enjoying the afternoon sun, ice cream, beer and the concert.

Souvenir items

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