Friday, February 21, 2014

Dresden's Hotel Elbflorenz

Continuing with my entries on Germany...

We arrived in Dresden at night. We were brought to Hotel Elbflorenz where we were billeted for the duration of our stay in Dresden. It stood next to the World Trade Center and close to River Elbe.

Nope, this isn't the Ateneo Gym. It's The World Trade Centre. 

All of us participants to the seminar were assigned to our own individual rooms.  The room was spacious, adorned with a framed picture of cherubs (part of Raphael's painting of the Madonna). What caught my attention in the room were the trash bin and bath tray as well as the ceiling fan made of materials and crafted similar to the same items produced in the Philippines.

A big plus for the hotel was the yummy and wide selection of their breakfast buffet. It was a treat to finally have some bacon and other American breakfast staple after days of eating bread and muesli in the morning. But it also had its share of downside. For one, internet is not free. You have to pay quite a sum just to get connected in your own room. While we were all thumbs up for the breakfast buffet, their lunch and supper buffet leave much to be desired. So we would always skip supper at the hotel and grab something outside of the hotel. In a way, it made us miss the food at the Akademie in Gummersbach.

Overall, given its pluses and minuses, our stay in the hotel was on the average okay. Nothing spectacular. Just simply a  neat place to stay that is close to some of the city sights. 

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