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Holiday in Blue Lagoon and Around Pagudpud

March 27-28, 2011

On the northernmost part of the Ilocos lies the town of Pagudpud. According to tales, there was a guy from Batangas who reached this part of Luzon. He was so tired that he blurted out, "Ako'y pagod na pagod at ang sapatos ko'y pudpod." From that statement came the word which later on became the name of the town Pagudpud.

First, we went to Saud where we had lunch at the Terra Rika resort. The long stretch of white shoreline was dotted with resorts, tourists and walking peddlers.

After lunch, we proceeded to the Patapat Viaduct, a long winding bridge at the foot of a mountain. 

From the viaduct, we went to the Kalbario-Patapat Natural Park where we cleansed our faces with the miracle water coming from the mountain. Just across the grotto was a row of stalls where stacks of dried seaweed and bottles of "sisi" and the like were sold.

We continued with our road trip, enjoying the sights of rolling green hills and the white lining of waves. Until we reached Bantay Abot Cave. From the highway, we made our way down and then up to a spot where we had the rock formation in the background.

Finally, it was time to go to the Blue Lagoon where we would be staying for the night and the next morning. We were billeted at the Agua Seda Beach Resort, a very homey accommodation which is literally a few steps away from the sea. The resort is owned by a retired teacher, Letty Garvida.

Our group had the whole two-storey building to ourselves (Php 6,000.00 for the two rooms). The room on the first level had three single beds and one double-deck while the room on the second level had two double beds. Each room is airconditioned with cable tv and T&B. Just a warning though, no water comes out from the faucet in case of brown-out. This resort, which sits on around 600-700 square-meter property, has other twin-sharing cottages, a hut and a garden set. They also have a videoke for rent and you can sing all you want till 10:00 p.m. You can prepare your own meals in their kitchen or let the resort staff cook for you.

I enjoyed our stay in Blue Lagoon and in Agua Seda. I loved that there are only a few resorts on this quiet and secluded part of Pagudpud. The blue waters on a bright sunny day entices one to take a dip while the big waves under an overcast sky would definitely thrill surfers to no end. 

Photo by CCabutihan

On the other hand, staying in Agua Seda is like vacationing in your own home. Network signals are hard to get by so you can enjoy your beach holiday in peace. Tita Letty was also very gracious and hospitable. We were lucky that she was around, she personally prepared our meals with the aid of her staff. OV and I joined her in the kitchen and while cooking our dinner, she shared with us her life story starting from that moment when she graduated from college to devoting her years to teaching, sending off her kids to school, losing a husband, buying a beachfront property to retiring from public service and now managing her own resort. We definitely had a very interesting and engaging conversation that by the time we were done, dinner was already being served.

Ilocano Dinner at Agua Seda prepared by Tita Letty.

Videoke session

Breakfast and Lunch

So it was at Agua Seda where I had the best meals during this trip. Fresh ingredients, authentic dishes served hot and generous servings, too.

Next time you find yourself in Pagudpud, I recommend you spend a night or two at Agua Seda and enjoy the waters and waves and communing with nature in peace in Blue Lagoon.

Agua Seda
Contact Person: Letty Garvida
Contact Number: +63 920 2431832

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