Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Box-Ayala Cebu: Food and Sound Trip

In March, my dorm mate and I celebrated our birthdays together. So we decided to treat our friends to the latest hang-out in Cebu --- Red Box at The Terraces, Ayala Cebu.

We availed of their buffet lunch promo. For Php 299.00/pax, we had a six-course meal plus a couple of desserts and a three-hour music mania (drinks not inluded). The dishes were delivered straight to our assigned room. If we wanted a refill, we just had to buzz and their attendant will bring in additional servings of our requested dish.

The room was comfy and illuminated by soft corner lights. We could either sit Indian-style on a curve sofa against a cushioned wall or laze on the carpeted floor. They have a couple of microphones which somehow enhances your voice. You can also pretty much control the dials and keys on the sound system to your liking. The music selection is up-to-date. And the music videos, too. A typical karaoke would have videos of tourist spots or ladies clad in bikini frolicking on the beach. At Red Box, most of the videos of songs released prior to 2000 were either the official videos released by the studio or tourist spots. But for songs which became a hit in the last five years, then you have the official music videos to accompany you in your singing.

It was definitely a fun and value-for-your-money lunch, never mind if we were belting out songs at high noon.

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james35 said...

This is perfect for Barkada gimmick! Everyone can enjoy especially those who love the karaoke, and take note you will all got it in a very reasonable price.

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