Monday, August 9, 2010

Twistix, your funky potato munchies

We were intrigued by this. 

We thought it was a whole lotta fishballs on a foot long stick. So we searched for the stall selling this spiral munchies in Alabang Town Center's food court. We found it but we were wrong. These were not fishballs but one big potato sliced thinly so that when the ends of it were pulled apart, it made a spiral form. Cool! 

Twistix comes in different flavors: cheese, sour cream, sweet chili and pizza. It's a softer version of Pringles, best eaten a minute after it has been lifted from the deep fryer coz it tastes soggy once it has cooled down. The regular size costs Php 45.00, medium at Php 55.00 and the large one at Php 70.00.

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