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A Taste of Baguio

Apart from enjoying interesting sights, being in Baguio also means whetting one's appetite from the variety of gastronomic choices. My list in this post is limited only to the dining establishments and dishes/treats I have tried.

Choco-Late de Batirol
Camp John Hay, Baguio City

A modest shack tucked in a corner of Camp John Hay. Yes, you got it right. People come to this place to have a cup of the hot chocolate made of tablea and prepared the traditional way. The place is open from morning all the way until the evening. Apart from the breakfast plates, they also serve comfort Filipino dishes.

Colorful lanterns adorned the place.

A cup of hot tsokolate to start the day.

Breakfast plate at Choco-late de Batirol

Raisin Bread at Baguio Country Club

The bread is fluffy and sweet and there is no scrimping on the raisins.

Cafe by the Ruins
Shuntug Road, Baguio City

Pan de sal with herbed spread

A bowl of fruits is served with the breakfast plate.

Longganisa, egg, rice and salad

Omelet, rice and vegetables

Fisherman's Breakfast

Tapa, egg and rice

My favorite - champorado paired with crispy espada

Ketchup Community
Romulo Drive, Baguio City

Near Wright Park is a cluster of restaurants serving a variety of dishes, from the home-cooked goodness of Filipino cuisine to Asian and American dishes among others.

Of the five restaurants (Canto, Rumah Sate, Happy Tummy, Rancho Norte and Green Pepper), the one that I got to try was Rancho Norte which serves Filipino dishes.

Balajadia's Kitchenette
Slaughterhouse, Sto. NiƱo, Baguio City

In the slaughterhouse compund, you'll find rows of carinderia serving native dishes and grilled meat. On the average, each serving costs about Php 100.00 per plate which is good enough for sharing. Or if you want to try all their dishes, you can opt to have the half-half where you got half portions of two viands at the same cost.

Photo by Tin Tamondong

Photo by Tin Tamondong

Photo by Tin Tamondong

Photo by Tin Tamondong

O' Mai Khan

Upper Session Road, Baguio City

At Php 220.00, you can have your eat-all-you-can Mongolian bowl. A buffet table filled with bowls of vegetables, meat and spices as well as sauces line one side of the restaurant. You can amke your own bowl according to your liking but if you're unsure, the restaurant staff will gladly make the mix for you. Once your bowl is ready, it will be brought to the next station to be cooked. and yes, you can watch them cook your dish. And voila, your Mongolian bowl will be delivered to your table. And since this is an eat-all-you-can affair, you can have as much helpings as you want till your tummy won't have space for it.

Mixing the ingredients

Cooking your Mongolian bowl

A mix of vegetables, pork, spicy and sweet sauces 
and a sprinkle of nuts

This is the Steamboat or hotpot. 
The menu says that it serves four people.
However, the pot was huge that the soup can actually 

feed a dozen people.
The hotpot for four costs Php 440.00

Pizza Volante
Camp John Hay, Baguio City

With its Italian sounding name, it's obvious that the place serves pizza and pasta. They have spot down Session Road but we opted to dine at their branch in Camp John Hay where we had a view of the greens. You can dine inside or al fresco. The pizza and pasta dishes were good they even have a good selection of wine. With their reasonable prices, I must say that this is a value-for-your-money restaurant.

Apart from the pizza and pasta, their menu includes breakfast starters, salad, meat dishes and dessert. 

Pasta with mussels in wine

Vegetarian's Dream Pizza - roasted rice pimentos, 
chopped fresh basil, fresh broccoli, mushrooms, 
red onions, parmesan and mozarella cheese

Kenny George Pizza - Hanna sausage, pepperoni, 
mushroom, onions, bell peppers and mozarella cheese

Glasses of red and white wine, softdrinks or fruit juice
are just some of the choices for beverage.

Hill Station
Upper Session Road, Baguio City

A restaurant located within Casa Vallejo. Why Hill Station?  In the 18th and 19th centuries, Baguio (and the Cordillera region) was considered as the hill station of the Europeans - a town at a higher elevation where the climate is cool and which serves as their refuge from the summer heat. 

Their menu is mix of European, Mediterranean and Asian flavours. They also serve breakfast platters. They are also known for their ice cream palette with the following flavours - dark chocolate with cayenne, Benguet coffee with choco chips, vanilla cinnamon and mango rhum.

Photo by Tin Tamondong

Strawberries and Strawberry ice cream

Session Road, Baguio City (near Starbucks)

With all the establishments sprouting on Session Road, the best way to spot Vizco's is to look for Robinson's supermarket and Starbucks. This place is known for its strawberry shortcake.

Pancit Cabagan at Tea House 
Session Road, Baguio City (near Starbucks)

Noodle dish topped with egg, chicharon and lechon kawali. Not for the faint hearted.

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