Monday, July 14, 2014

The Chocolate Chamber

On a trip to Cebu, my friend CM suggested that we try TCC. After several calls and Google Map searches, we found this cozy nook tucked in a quiet neighborhood, a stone's throw away from Sarrosa Hotel and a few steps from Abaseria.

TCC or The Chocolate Chamber is being run by the same team behind Ralfe Gourmet. In fact, the kids of the owner were around to attend to the customers.

The whole stretch of TCC's wall is lined with tin cans of chocolate powder in different flavours. The brown and white motif lends a homey and dainty ambience to the place.

It was already evening when we got there that we missed the Chocolate High Tea, served from 15:21 to 17:21 (or about 3:21 to 5:21 in the afternoon). So we ordered pastrami sandwich, a slice of carrot cake and cups of hot chocolate. Sandwich was good and so was the cake. Meanwhile, the hot chocolate was very rich. 

Pastrami Sandwich

Carrot Cake

I enjoyed my time at the TCC. Definitely a great place for fun conversations with friends or family. If you want some quiet me time, this is also the perfect spot to read a good book while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Just don't forget to bring a shawl or sweater. The place can really get cold.

Lastly, thanks to Claude Morales for allowing me to use her iPhone and for sharing these photos.

The Chocolate Chamber

President Quirino corner President Magsaysay Streets
Mabolo, Cebu City

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