Saturday, June 7, 2014

Transformation at the GK Enchanted Farm

There was a huge tract of land where no one dared to tread. It was inhabited by rebels and criminals. The land itself was infertile, having been quarried like there's no tomorrow. But thanks to a group of people whose love for the Philippines and the Filipinos is bigger than the size of the human heart. This once forsaken land is now home to around fifty households, farms, budding social enterprises, people under entrepreneurial mentorship and volunteers coming from different countries.

Welcome to the GK Enchanted Farm!

A place where things are back to the basics, agriculture is valued as the backbone of this country, growth means progress and success not just in the upper echelons, but more importantly, those in the lower rungs of the society, support for local and homegrown products is strong, a person's full potential is not only maximized but optimized, parents earn a decent living, and kids play and go to school with a French tongue to boot. 

The GK Enchanted Farm is a work in progress. What has become of the idle land in Barangay Encanto in Angat, Bulacan mirrors the transformation in the lives of the people in the Gawad Kalinga village and in Barangay Encanto.

Here's a salute to Tony Meloto, Cherrie Atilano, Frank Chiu, Raf Dionisio and everyone behind the GK Enchanted Farm in their pursuit to end poverty through social inclusion and inclusive growth and the dream of food security for the Filipinos. I will post more about my weekend at the GK Enchanted Farm in the coming days. But for now, I'll end this post with a Manifesto found at the Arch Angel - GK Center for Arts and Culture. Something for all of you to reflect on and hopefully act on it.

Some of the force behind GK Enhanted Farm: 
Tony Meloto, Cherrie Atilano, Raf Dionisio and Frank Chiu.



I am a Filipino
and I am now making a stand. 
A stand for God, my country, 
my people.
A stand against poverty.

I will end the #1 poverty of all in our 

country: poverty of mind & heart. 
I will replace my colonial mentality
with a proudly Filipino
"BAYANIHAN" mentality.

God did not make a mistake

in creating me Filipino.
I am honoring God's plan for me as
a Filipino by loving my country.

I am joining the fight to end poverty,

Not just in words,
but more so in ACTION.

I will not stand by idly as millions of

my fellow Filipinos go hungry
while I pursue my dreams
and build my riches.

I will take on the dream of those who

have lost their capacity to dream.
I dream of a prosperous,
slum-free Philippines.

A people who will not

merely be consumers,
but also producers.
I dream of Filipino brands which
will be globally recognizable,

Filipino brands that do not

leave the poor behind.
I, will produce such a brand.

Through entrepreneurship, I will

make this dream come true.
Not just ordinary entrepreneurship,
but inclusive entrepreneurship.

Living in a country so rich in

natural resources, and being
among gifted people,
no reason exists why I should fail.

I will be my brother's keeper.

I will help the poor become un-poor.
I will make the poor a dignified
partner in my business.

I will end poverty by creating wealth

not just for me and my family
but also for the poor
because the poor is my family.

I will use my TIME to make

productive the time of the poor.
I will use my TALENT to help
the poor uncover theirs.
I will use my TREASURE to
invest in the poor
and together we will build a
worthy treasury for all.

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