Thursday, June 12, 2014

Learn and Have Fun at GK Enchanted Farm

During the bloggers weekend at the GK Enchanted Farm, we got to attend three demonstration sessions: chocolate making, cheese making and stuffed toy making. 

Loco over Choco

Philo Chua of the Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates showed  us how to make chocolate out of cacao and shared tips on ingredients to be used for certain types of chocolate.  

Chocolate making wasn't something new to me, having consumed in my childhood so many fleshy pulp of the cacao beans and watching our relatives manually churn out tablea for our cups of hot chocolate.

But Theo and Philo has made the art of making chocolates quite interesting beyond the milk and dark varieties. Think of your favourite dish or snack incorporated in a chocolate. Kinda weird, right? But they did just that, producing chocolates with the following flavours: from barako coffee to kitchen lifesavers such as calamansi, siling labuyo and ginger to snacks and munchies like turon, green mango and sea salt and pili nuts and pinipig and dig in this, adobo peppercorn. So curious with the last one that I bought a bar and it really tasted like adobo, tasting one basic ingredient after the other - the soy sauce, vinegar, peppercon and laurel leaves.

As Cheesy As Can Be

Addison Falcon of Gourmet Keso made cheese-making (kesong puti) look so easy. And the ones we made really tasted good. 

They also have cream cheese in garlic and herbs.

Plush and Play

Our last demo session was at the Plush and Play workshop with Fabien Courteille where we got to try our hand at making stuffed heart.

Honestly, the class that I dreaded in Home Economics was sewing. My mom, my grandmothers and an aunt can sew and even crochet but I just don't have the knack for it.

We started the pattern making and then proceeded to the sewing machine with the help of the mothers of the GK Village.

Then we started stuffing the hearts and voila!

And I just find it also endearing that the stuffed toys have been named after celebrities.

Some of the toys are named after celebrities such as 
Tony Repolyo, Buko Martin, Anne Kamatis and Ryan Bawang.

There were some toys that have not yet been baptized. One of which was a jellyfish and I suggested to Fabien and the mothers, "How about Alice Dikya?"

I was also thankful for the heavy downpour because I got the chance to talk to some mothers of the GK Village who are responsible for all the stuffed toys of Plush and Play, know their struggles and how their lives have improved over the years.

Get a Plush and Play toy or bag of your own and help these hardworking moms. Or better yet, spend a day at the farm and have fun learning.

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