Friday, July 5, 2013

Parade of Lights: 2012 Sangyaw Festival in Tacloban City

Last weekend, the city of Tacloban was buzzing with gastronomic feasts and merrymaking as they celebrated the Feast of Santo Niño. Too bad, I wasn't around to join in the revelry. So instead, I am posting in this entry photos of last year's Sangyaw Festival Parade of Lights. I am not sure if they continued with the parade of lighted floats this year.

It was at the Kanhuraw Hill and the long stretch of Magsaysay Boulevard where the members of the various contingents converged for the parade.

The parade started with the floats depicting the various eras and influences in the history of Tacloban.

The influence and contribution of the Chinese in the city.

The 1940s. World War II. McArthur's fulfilment of his "I Shall Return" promise.

San Juanico Bridge

When Tacloban was classified as a Highly Urbanized City.

The crowd outside Sto. Niño Church, waiting for the parade to start.

Then of course, there were the contingents for the dance parade mostly participated in by faculty members of the different schools in Tacloban. 

Surprised to see a distant relative who is one of the high school teachers 
taking part in the dance parade.

Another person I haven't seen in a long time is our high school P.E. teacher, Mr. Manog 
(guy in the upper photo).

And then, there were the floats sponsored by different establishments.

Some sidelights:

Favorite sitting position: so-called Indian seat. 
And that guy in the upper photo? 
He was sitting atop the waiting shed outside the church, 
happily texting oblivious to the crowd.
I think he was one of the most photographed persons that day.

MJ is very much in!
Employees of the city government and politicians who participated in the parade.

The parade was something new. However, the lighted floats were not bright enough and would sometimes be eclipsed by the light coming from the lamp posts and the establishments down the streets.

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