Thursday, December 6, 2012

Star-Spangled Journey: Airborne

I think I have logged in the most number of air miles and flew in different airlines in a month in this trip.  From the so-called red-eye flights to afternoon and evening flights and flying from one time zone to another which can be disorienting to the body clock. So here's my take on the different airlines we took for this journey.

Korean Air (

This airline flies out from Cebu to L.A. with a stopover in Incheon. At least I don't have to make that trip to Manila. Leg room in the economy class was spacious. Each seat has a coat hanger, USB port, electric socket and a personal AVOD to keep the passenger entertained at his/her own pleasure. Airline food was okay; at least they included Korean dishes in their selection. However, they didn't have apple juice onboard and their orange juice and pineapple juice were sour for my taste. They also gave travel kits but it doesn't include sleeping mask, ear plugs and pair of socks. They allowed for two checked-in luggage at 23 kgs. apiece.

Delta (

We took a red-eye flight from LAX to Norfolk. I remembered being served with nuts and a glass of juice during the flight. The rest of the food onboard were for sale.  I caught a few minutes viewing some TV show before I dozed off to sleep. I have a vague memory now if we paid for our checked-in luggage. But I think we did.

One thing I liked about Delta was that whenever there was a military personnel who would board the plane, they would recognize for their efforts especially those who came from war and the rest of the passengers would clap their hands as they board the plane.

Southwest (

For most of our country crisscrossing, we took Southwest Airlines. Having two pieces of checked luggage for free (50 lbs. max per luggage) was definitely tops. The staff of Southwest were likewise helpful especially with the trouble encountered in Norfolk. Click here for the related story.

Jet Blue (

We took Jet Blue from Buffalo to Boston. The flight attendants where a chirpy lot so you'd have dash of laughters every so often throughout the flight. This airline allows for the first checked luggage of the passenger free of charge. And they do serve complimentary food and beverages on board.

Continental Air (

The trip from New Jersey to Las Vegas was the most boring flight. I had to endure almost six hours without in-flight entertainment. Okay, well there was a personal video but to access it was equivalent to the buffet rate at Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. It was a good thing that I was kinda tired so I slept halfway through the trip. And they do charge your checked luggages so we had to squeeze in everything in one luggage and had to hand carry the rest of allowable items on board.

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