Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Star-Spangled Journey: Exploring Beyond The Strip

Pool Area of Red Rock

Most tourists flock The Strip. This is where the action is in Vegas. But there are nice places outside The Strip which are worth your time.

We had brunch buffet at the Red Rock Casino. For around $ 8.00, we were satiated with really delectable and yummy dishes. They had quite extensive choices, from the Farmer's Market with all the greens you can have, to American and Mexican dishes, Japanese and Chinese cuisine and Italian fare to name a few. Their dessert selection was to die-for that you have to make sure that you still have room to indulge in these sweets after a heavy meal.

Buffet at Red Rock 

Somewhere in the desert city, one can also experience a touch of Europe at the Tivoli. It is a square with shops, restaurants and offices housed in buildings with European influence. Walking down the cobbled pavement transports you to Europe.

Tivoli | I lov iT

Finally, before leaving Las Vegas, we attended Sunday mass at the Christ the King Church. It is said to be a modern church because the altar is somewhere in the middle and the churchgoers take their places around it, very similar to the Chapel of Holy Sacrifice in UP Diliman.

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