Friday, March 16, 2012

A Feast for the Gastronomes in Dumaguete

I'll take a break from my Star-Spangled Journey posts and whet your appetite with these gastronomic choices in Dumaguete City.

1. Have your breakfast and pamper your sweet tooth at Cafe Mamia, located along the Boulevard. The view of the sea and comings-and-goings at the Boulevard make for perfect breakfast companions.

All-day breakfast, salads, sandwiches, shakes and pastries at affordable prices.

 Inside Cafe Mamia

 Spanish chorizo for breakfast

 Grilled Vegetable Melt

 Another breakfast must-have is the danggit.


2. Another must-breakfast is having steaming cup of tsokolate (tsokolate-a or tsokolate-e) and puto at the Painitan sa Tiangge (Dumaguete market). The place may be low-key but it sure is teeming with folks from all walks of life --- the politicians, well-known personalities in Negros Oriental, vendors, students, office workers, etc. This is where they spend their mornings sharing their views on politics, current events or just about anything under the sun with puto and tsokolate (or sikwate).

 My friend's family's suki

Puto (at Php 2.00) and tsokolate (Php 3.00)

Painitan sa Tiangge

3. Sunday Buffet Brunch at KRI Restaurant (near Silliman University) for less than Php 300.00. They have an omelet station. And their drinks are a concoction of a variety of fruits.

On days other than Sunday, try the yummy dishes offered by KRI.

 I forgot the exact name of the dish but this was fish maki wrapped in seaweeds and bacon.

 Chicken stuffed in lemon grass

 Another fish dish

General Tso's chicken

 Ginger Lemonade

And for dessert:

4. Enjoy seafood dishes and Filipino cuisine at Lab-as Restaurant.

 Their version of spring rolls

Fish Tinola

 The famed Dumaguete Express


5. Another of Dumaguete's pride is the Sans Rival Cake and Pastries.

 It's blue all over at Sans Rival.

 I'll have these silvanas anytime.

Sans Rival

 Bowls of Salad

6. If you want a vibrant, playful and colorful dining experience plus generous servings of dishes, try Rana Verde located inside Florentina Homes along Rovira Road.

A happy place bursting with colors.

Humungous servings of their dishes.

And of course, a cup of ice cream to cap the sumptuous meal.

Outside Rana Verde.

7.  To cool you down after a hot day in Dumaguete, why not have a serving of Halo-Halo at Cafe Filomena located at the Bethel Guest House?

8. A sample of the delicacies of Dumaguete's neighbors, baye-baye (Bayawan) and budbod (Tanjay).

Enjoy your weekend and happy munching everyone!


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

OMG! Danggit made me drool! Coming home soon to pig out on dried fish!

Shawee said...

this entry has had me craving for the food you mentioned. hope i can visit dumaguete next year, in time for the 2013 chemistry congress. :))

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