Friday, July 9, 2010

Fatty Fix in Cebu

You've heard this oft-repeated reminder before. Go slow on fatty food or anything that could push your HB pressure to high heavens. However, there are days when you just have to give in to cholestemptation. If there's no way resisting it and you happen to be in Cebu, do try the following sinful treats:


The crispy/crunchy pork skin is just right, the flesh so tender (you need not battle it out with your knife and fork) and the fat so soft it melts in your mouth. I wonder how they do it but Alejandro's definitely living up to its claim of having the best crispy pata in town. At Php 295.00, it's a manna that will send you back to heaven. The resto is located along Don J. Avila Street within the Capitol site. Or you may give them a call at 032-2537921.

*Edit: Alejandro's has moved to a new location. You can find them at Unit 6, Island Area of the Century Plaza Commercial Complex along Juana OsmeƱa Street. For more info, like their FB Page.

(Not to be mistaken with Balamban Liempo)

Thanks to my assignment in this town on the western coast of Cebu, I get to have my liempo rush at most every month. It's not your usual liempo dish. It is roasted with herbs to enhance its taste. At Php 160.00, it's big enough for 3-4 people to share unless you'd want it all by yourself. Just look for the stall outside the municipal building. 

3. CHICHARONG BULAKLAK along Regla Street in Mabolo

A friend suggested that I try the chicharong bulaklak in Mabolo and so in one of those "I need some fatty fix" moments, my friends and I headed out to Mabolo in search for this delight. And search we did! After going around in circles and so many turns on the inner streets of Mabolo (the area behind the church) and a few stops asking the residents there to direct us to Regla Street, we finally found the obscure carinderia with a vintage car parked just outside the nook. We ordered three plates of chicharong bulaklak and a bowl of pochero. Yummy! Good thing that I ate in moderation because one of my companions that night complained of breathing difficulty, palpitations and a pain in the nape --- the effect of having too many servings of chicharong bulaklak.


Nicole Bataclan said...

kakagutom!!!! :)

iameric said...

sol i feature pud ang high blood station sa mabolo, i used to hang out there a lot when i crave for some fatty foods.... :D

iameric said...

ok, i just realized that the carenderia along Regla St. is the High Blood Station that i was referring to in my previous comment! chicharon bulaklak is more popularly known in that area as "ginabot"....

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